Hello its very important u all get back with asap I have contacted where i got the car from no results I'm a valued customer and I should be treated better than this for some reason somebody has been turning certain dashboard lights on my car causing my vehicle to malfunction I'm not sure if it's possible, but it was told to me, it was. I believe this car was sold to me with complications that I didn't know about til now I've had the car for only a year now, and it was overpriced also I traded in 2 vehicles for this 1 I made a bad decision with all that, and I believe I was taken advantage of out of my desperate need please help me. The only person that knows car better than u is a Chevy Dealer or by rider this is very complicated, but I need your help this is my transportation that I pay for I have kids, and I'm also pregnant so having reliable transportation is important my contact number is 314 412 ****, thanks!

User's recommendation: Don't be desperate take your time because dealers look for that and will take advantage of u.

Location: Sullivan, Missouri

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If you're stupid enough to buy from these people AND think this is their site, you probably should make this the last child you have.


And you lead by ego. You’re dismissed

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