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I have been paying on my car for a year and after checking the balance owed, the only thing Ive been paying on is their finance charges. A listed $12k car with 22% interst and a $8k finance charge.

Over $21k. Thats damn near 50% mark up on what they listed. Im on a 52 mon payoff contract, paying $360 a month and my balance hasnt budged.

What the *** kind of business are they running and how in the *** do they get away with this legally. Setting people up for failure is BAD BUSINESS

User's recommendation: BUYER BEWARE.

Location: Bloomington, Illinois

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"get away with this legally" A better question is WHY did YOU sign up for this nonsense? Did YOU bother to READ and UNDERSTAND the contract terms and the math before signing?

YOU went in there, asked them for a piece of junk, and begged them to charge you crazy interest on a car that probably won't last the year. These places are set up for fools who are too STUPID to read a contract and/or understand basic math. This is YOUR FAULT. Stop whining...

OK...Go ahead and say it. "you must work for them." People like YOU always do.


Some ppl are not in a situation to pay cash for a car or have good credit to not go to these places! These places do take advantage of ppl in desperate situations.

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