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I currently have a vehicle through J.d Byrider of columbia mo. I am very upset that my car got repo due to lack of communication from the finance department at this dealership.

My payment is 7 days late due to being laid off from my job, because of the COVID-19 . During this time i remained in contact with CNCA I even had a letter from my job faxed. when the fax was not received i sent it to the company's phone. when that was done.

I was told the letter wasnt good enough because there was grammar an punctuation errors.At this time i was told that they were going to contact my job, they said they did and was waiting on a call back. At this time i was told that i needed to come up with the 36$ for the insurance an i would be called back. I was not called back but in fact the vehicle was repo the following day, without any further communication with my job, because i called around an verified with HR. when the car was repo it contained my cell phone, my debit card and clothes (because i was headed to do laundry .

i called every tow company in columbia they did not have my car. I had to sign in to icloud to find the location of my phone. when i did i went to the location using someone else car an phone for gps . When i arrived i seen the vehicle but was unable to access my belonging, a lady that lived by the location that works for the company said that she could call the police for me being there.

i explained that my phone and wallet was in the car and she said there is nothing she could do that i would have to contact J.D byrider when they open. Being that today is now Sunday they are not open and i have no phone no wallet!!!!! im very upset with the lack of compassion this business has displayed.

Being that im in need of my vehicle, so im put in a situation to have to deal with the mistreatment of this company. But i want it to be known that this is unfair, i don't agree with my car being repo after 7 days, during this hard time that a lot of people not only myself is experiencing.

User's recommendation: shop around.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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