Bought a car from their location in Greenville, SC approximately 20 months ago and was required to purchase collision insurance through them before finalizing the deal.The car began giving me trouble less than a month after I bought it and continued with one problem after another, For these past 20 months I have made all car and insurance payment to them on time. The car was totaled in a one car accident.

Their company was notified the very next morning along with pictures of the vehicle. I had to call them several times over the next few weeks as they never made any attempt to contact me or discuss the insurance Every time I called all they talked about was having me come up to their car lot so they could "put me in another car", I explained and explained to them I did not need another car I just wanted the insurance claim resolved. I finally asked to speak to the persons manager as I was getting nowhere. When he got on the phone he was rude and disrespectful and was practically yelling at me and telling me they would turn me over to repossession, I have contacted the South Carolina Department of Insurance for their assistance.

Someone did call me a couple days ago from their location and told me I still owed what amounted to twice the value of the car and I would need to make arrangements to make payments. I let this gentleman know what I thought of that and that I was through trying to deal with them,

User's recommendation: Stay away from these scoundrels and rip off artist. If you need a car go anywhere but this cheezy place.

Location: Greenwood, South Carolina

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